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Bathroom Remodels

Is it time to rip out that 30 year old bathroom? What have you seen that you like? There is always a way of making your bathroom more modern, functional and beautiful. And we have the technique to make it all happen...

Doing a bathroom remodel right the first time is key to having a bathroom that lasts a life time. While we have walls open we will reinsulate, add and relocate electrical plugs, swithes and fans, change old plumbing valves and clean out old drain lines, add a window where you never had one, remove that old medicine cabinet, and add a few LED can lights on a dimmer ! LBB complies with all new title 24 and building codes for energy effeciancy.

A beautiful tile install is also key to doing a bathroom remodel right the first time. We prepare our substraight surface on all walls, countertops and floors perfectly to insure a perfect finish. We also water proof all walls in the shower area with a double membrane process that has never once failed us in 6 years. Selecting the right counterops to go with your tile can be difficult but with our eye and experience we can guide you to a beautiful finish !

Take a look at some of our prevoius work for ideas and give us a call when your ready. And remember LBB can help you through the whole process from drawing for the building department to permits to energy compliance and design !